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The Conversion


Before taking the truck to the work shop, I had made up a plan with drawings as to how I wanted the truck converted since I had planned to do the work myself but was prevented from doing so by DOT, I knew exactly what I wanted including the modification of the fifth wheel which I had removed from the Dodge Dually!
The work shop was very co-operative with my idea's and basically did the work as I wanted it done, including the modification of the fifthwheel so it would not be any higher than it would have been on my dually! My trailer is a full height trailer and at present measures 13'3" to the top of the satelitte dome when hooked up to the truck,  not much room to spare considering the legal height is 13'6"!


In the work shop being converted
Drive Axle taking the place of the diffirential Axle

Frame shortened from a different angle!


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The actual job of removing the front rear axle (diffential axle) and the installation of the rear/rear axle (drive axle) in it's place is not that much of a problem, however the truck being fully computerized and fitted with an ABS braking system did not recognize the fact that one set of input signals was missing after the removal of the diffirential and threw an allarm on the dash board. I had read on some web site that this might happen and the author of that web site came up with the idea of installing the ABS sensors from the diffirential axle on the remaining drive axle 180 degrees from the active sensors, then install the wiring from the sensors of the diffirential and bingo the computer believes there are still two axles, problem solved! Another issue arose with the air relay manifold on the rear of the frame, this manifold is for two axles, even with the ports for the differential axle plugged the manifold for some reason leaked air and so we decided to change the relay manifold out for a single axle truck relay manifold at a cost of $ 350.00.
The original drive shaft had to be lenghtened as well to make up for the space lost since the diffirential housing is no longer there and the yoke on the axle side had to be changed for the yoke we removed from the intermediate drive shaft which originally was bolted between the two axles, the yoke on the drive axle and the differential axles are different.




Another idea was to make the frame as short as possible, I was not planning on carying a "Smart Car" or any other equipment other than my Yamaha T-Max 500, Since I have a "Fifth Airborne" air ride pin box on my trailer I have no issues with little room on the back of the truck, My reasoning was that the closer the trailer is to the truck the least drag I have while pulling the trailer! I made the frame just as long behind the single axle as it originally was behind the tandem!

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Fifth Airborn Pin box

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