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Cost of project.


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Shop charges for the singling of the truck was agreed before the project start at $ 3,000.00 and the modifications of my Reese fifth wheel cost me another $ 250.00, considering that the sale of the differential axle, the four aluminum rims, four virgin tires, fifth wheel etc, basically paid for the conversion!  "Whitelightning" was also completely  serviced, e/o Engine, transmission, rear axle oil changed, grease and all filters replaced, thorough check of all major components and alignment.

New brake pads and brake drums installed on the rear, (I felt this was a good thing to do!) , the change out of the air manifold in the rear and a check of the vehicle's most important systems at $ 1,900.00, (This also included the vehicle inspection for 2011 by the Volvo dealer) Four new Batteries at $ 410.00, the installation of the "Maxi Brake" system (truck/trailer air over electric) at $ 430.00, addition of a TPMS tire monitor system for both truck and trailer at $ 830.00, A "Jakalopee" conversion box was wired into the truck to convert the trucks electrical system for use with the "RV" trailer electrical system $150.00, a wireless back up camera was also added at $ 298.63, Two full fenders were installed at a cost of $ 1,100.00, (They are indestructible so I have been assured) My GPS which was removed from the dually was also installed, include the graphics design resembling the trailer graphics at $ 849.00 New seat covers at $ 280.00, the total cost of the finished truck so far is  @ $ 58,550.00, (This Includes the transport charges from Burlington Ont to St.John's, NL at $5,800.00) We now own a truck which will never wear out for what we use it for providing we take care of the maintenance, a truck I love to drive and feel save driving in, which has a engine twice the size of my retired dually and proves the same on fuel, a truck with some 1000 Ft.Lbs more torq than my dually and braking power to spare! A turning radius that puts a dually to shame! It will carry my bike on the back with no worries of overloading the truck, has a sleeper for taking a rest when required and a table in the planning for having lunch while on the road. What else is there? Edit Text


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