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Outside Finished

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Second Camping trip in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Just before leaving for the Ferry back to Newfoundland

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Next part of the conversion and completion of our project is to re-do the inside of the cab, the seats will be removed and re-upholstered, the rubber matting will be covered with carpet and the present bunk will find a new place higher up inside the cab so we can fit a table and two seats! the bunk will become a folding bunk so it is out of the way when using the table. The plan is to build a power bike lift so I can load our Yamaha T-Max 500 onto the back of the truck by myself, (see the link below!) also a frame and two spare propane tanks will find a place behind the cab to power our propane generator inside the fiver should I run out of propane from the trailer. An inverter is also in the planning. imagination is the limit in what you can do with a truck like this, we are planning to keep it for a long time to come and this truck will last us a life time I feel!


Canso KOA

Our Home build bike loader

T-Max 500



In my province you can drive this vehicle with a class 5 (regular) drivers license, however you are required to have an air brake  endorsement, this takes studying a book readily available from your local DOT office and writing a test at DOT, you can expand on that endorsment which will allow you to adjust your own brakes if and when that becomes necessary. (Our truck has auto adjusters so no need to adjust manually) While licensing the truck for the first time I was advised that I would have to go into the weight scales because the vehicle's GVWR is over 4500 KG thus classified as a commercial truck, this was back in 2011, however since then I have been advised that as long as I am pulling my fifth wheel camper trailer I am considered an "RV" and so no need for going into the weight scales, this is only in Newfoundland where I live, and only when I am pulling the camper, if I were to be "Bob Tailing" the truck I will have to go in..!   The upkeep of a log book is not required as long as the vehicle is used for private use like hauling an RV, Proportioned plates are not required either as long as the vehicle is used for reasons mentioned above. (You can down load the IRP rules on the Photo and file page!) just don't get caught towing anything other than a private camper type trailer!!! The truck will have to be inspected every year in order to be legal on the road, ensure you have the inspection sticker on the passenger side of the wind shield like commercial trucks have! Insurance may also be a little hard at first, when I went to my own insurance agent (I have been with them forever!) they wanted $ 3,000.00 annually, I went shopping around and got a deal with a commercial insurer for $ 900.00 annually (third party only!), all they required was that I insure the trailer with them as well which was again cheaper than my own insurance company, this of course was no issue and I ended up cheaper than insuring the dually and the trailer with my own insurer!

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