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There are a number of web sites that have some good information, sites like Escapees, Jack and Daniel Mayer, Mark and Alvin Bruss to mention a few, before I started my project I had studied how these folks went about their conversion and followed some of their suggestions, they led me to Henry Szmyt who sold me my "Jackalopee" electrical conversion box which works flawlessly! It also led me to Norman McFall who sold me the pressure pro tire monitoring system, again this system works flawlessly! It also let me to Southwest Wheel, the company who sold me my MaxBrake system, although I had a little problem with this system at first and had to sent it back to them, In early November I received the unit back with a new data cable and a response that there was nothing wrong with the actual unit itself but that the data cable showed a problem, a new date cable was included, I installed the unit back into the truck and tested it however after some time in use the unit failed completely and had to be replaced with a regular trailer brake system,,,! We learn from one and other and I recommend for anyone who want to put their mind and money to a project such as this to search some of these websites which will give you some real good idea's and can point you in the right direction for a successful conversion.

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Drive way camping
While visiting my brother in Nova Scotia


It is nice to note that on our first two trips that summer (2011), "White Lightning" received a lot of attention, both while on the road and while on the various campgrounds we visited in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia,  Now that we are indeed retired and have had the opportunity to travel all over Canada we know we did the right thing, the truck is an ideal truck to pull the larger trailer safely and efficiently, It is a very comfortable ride with the air ride seats and air ride cab, the trucks cost in fuel is not noticeably more than the one ton dually we used to own as the 12.0 liter engine turns at @ 1400 RPM while in cruise on the road or even in the hills, it seldom gears down to take a hill. Our truck is the most photo graphed truck on the road and that is nice to see.....!



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