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Who we are, Why HDT

Driving on our first trip!
Just like heaven!

Cloy and our (four footed) little girl.


Enjoying life to the fullest!


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We are Cloy and Rene, a couple who have been camping for the past ten years, mostly travelling the East coast of Canada and the North Eastern US states in various smaller fivers, We are close to retirement and decided to purchase a brand new Cross Roads "Seville",  This Seville is a 39' fiver with a GVWR of @ 17000 Lbs, we had hoped that our Dodge Dually would easily pull the trailer, but that proved disappointing, equipped with the small 5.9 Lt Turbo Diesel the truck simply couldn't handle the load, especially in the mountains of "Gross Morne National park" The truck had a real struggle pulling a grade and an even greater struggle coming to a stand still! so rather than taking a risk we decided to retire the dually and go HDT. As an ex heavy truck owner, (I used to own tractor trailers in the early 90'ties, I knew before hand what I was in for with regards to heavy trucks and what to look for in a tractor, Used tractors are a dime a dozen, most often fleet owners will trade their trucks after some 800 - 950,000 KM (Roughly four to five years of use), these trucks if well maintained can easily go twice that much but the simple fact that the warranty is gone of the trucks at that stage is one reason to trade them for new units! Not all of these trucks really lend them selves for a conversion in my opinion,  therefore one needs to look around and make the right choice before getting into the final sale! I choose to look for a fleet truck rather than an "owner operator" truck, the type driven by individual owners working for a transport company using their own or leased vehicle! I know by experience that fleet owned tractors are generally better looked after with regards to maintenance simply because a fleet owner will not risk having his truck break down while hauling freight for his clients or being cited by DOT for to many deficiencies and / or infractions,  some O/O on the other hand might fore-go an oil change or two depending on their income and their profit margin at anyone time! With the advent of computers running engines and auto transmissions it is very difficult for a fleet driver to abuse a truck,This proved with the purchase of our fleet owned Volvo which showed in excellent condition and did not need any mechanical repairs before passing a vehicle inspection, even though it had 951000 Km (594000 Miles) on the clock.

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The Dodge Dually
Slightly underpowered

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Same place, new truck!

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