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The Purchase


Before the purchase I checked with our local motor registration devision to see what was required and what regulations if any were in place before the conversion was started, Good thing I did as I had planned to do the conversion myself! That idea was met with outright rejection by a DOT officer,and I was told that if the conversion was done by myself or any un-licensed truck repair shop the truck would never be licensed. The DOT officer in question did however give me a name of a government licensed facility that specialises in converting straight trucks into dump trucks and what have you, He knew of this facility as the Government uses the same facility to convert their trucks into plows and dump trucks. up untill this point we were hung on actually purchasing the truck we were looking at and confirming that we can in fact go ahead and do a conversion! After contacting the facility and negotiating a price we decided to go ahead with the actual purchase!

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Just arrived from Burlington, Ontario
Trucks shows of a long and dirty journey!

Off loaded
Ready for the trip to the shop

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Inside layout.


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The truck we decided on was a 2005 Volvo VNL-630, equiped with a VED12L engine coupled to a 12 speed Meritor "Freedomline" transmission, the truck is loaded with all conveniences like power windows, power heated mirrors, 5 way adjustable drivers seat, full fairings right to the rear wheels, etc. I had the dealer remove the top fairing which made the truck to high for "floating" it back home some 2200 miles (we bought the truck in Ontario), Winter in Ontario and the Eastern sea board was antrocious at the time of the purchase so I choose not to bobtail the truck back home.  We were furtunate to have an old friend whom I knew during my trucking years to give us a reasonable price for hauling back our newly aquired possesion! 


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